Materials & colors


The load-bearing structure of a staircase is usually formed by beams parallel to the step of the stairway, between which (edge ​​beams) or on top (edge ​​or center beams) steps are placed.


As a load-bearing metal or railing frame paint for stairs, we use powder coating, which has been found to be a durable option.

Color spectre RAL type ( RAL )


Solid wood steps
Materials used are: oak,ash, birch, beech, pine,

Surface coating options:
* oil/wax treatment
* varnishing
* staining and varnishing
* painted

Steps are prodused glulam ( dry wooden slices glued together appr 40...45mm). This prevents or minimizes deforming or bending of pieces. Mainly used long one piece units, but sometimes shorter connected parts are used, because of the better price range. Thickness of the step is 40mm.

Concrete steps
We use mainly: washing conrete, smooth concete, terracota concrete.
Color options are available

Glass stairs
We use PVB or EVA laminated tempered safety glasses 10+10+10mm thick

*Glass color options are availabe: blonze, gray or opal!